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The Yeatman
Terry Sullivan

The YeatmanSummary: When wine enthusiasts travel to wine regions, it is nice spending the night in a hotel that caters to wine travelers. The Yeatman Hotel, in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the Douro River from Porto, has taken the wine theme to new heights. Wine travelers will find not only a comfortable hotel, but gain a wine education with the many wine-related displays, vinotherapy in the spa and a tasting in the wine room.

When we checked into the Yeatman Hotel, we were surprised at the many wine-related displays. As we meandered through the hotel, we discovered even more displays. In some areas, this hotel was like a wine museum. There were two very large elevators. On the inside, one elevator’s interior walls were covered in a scene of terraced vineyards from the Douro Valley. The other elevator’s inside walls showed the cellar of a port lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The YeatmanThe main entrance of the hotel is on the 5th floor. We learned that from our third floor room, we could exit the hotel from the stairway one room away. After we descended a few steps we exited the hotel property through a gate. Across a cobblestone street, was the entrance to Taylor Fladgate Port Lodge. When visiting the port lodge we learned that four main families are associated with Taylor Fladgate: Bearsley, Taylor, Fladgate and Yeatman. Thus the name of our hotel.

There were many other areas with wine-related displays at the hotel. On the first floor, across from the elevators there was a large map showing the wine regions in Portugal. This map was one of the easier maps to follow. Walking from the map down a hall, there were framed pictures showing Portuguese grapes and the aroma and tasting profile common to those varieties. For example, the white grape Arinto, showed a wine glass with a lemon wedge, lime wedge and apple wedge in the glass.

On the third floor walking towards the spa, we discovered a large display in two rooms focusing on cork. The first display showed photos and artifacts from a cork oak tree. Several displays showed the amazing array of products produced from cork including wine bottle stoppers, shoes, tableware, picture frames, check book covers, placemats, jewelry and industrial parts. Cork is used in the automobile, aeronautical and aerospace industries. The adjacent room has a large cork about ten feet tall.

The Yeatman   The Yeatman   The Yeatman

Vinotherapy at the Spa

The spa offers several vinotherapy treatments. You can try the relaxing massage that uses grape extract and lemon and citronella essential oils. The crushed cabernet scrub is an exfoliation treatment. We tried the relaxing barrel bath experience. Prior to our spa appointment, we took advantage of the Roman pool in the spa area. Soon, we were escorted to a private room with a jacuzzi-type tub that could easily fit both of us. In front of us the windows overlooked Porto. Our appointment was at the time of twilight, so we saw the late rays of sunshine fading to darkness. Our therapist poured a glass of grape extract into the bubbling water, followed by citrus and papaya oils. We then received a relaxing massage of the head, neck and shoulders. This vinotherapy experience was calming. After our appointment we used the sauna in the spa area.

The Yeatman   The Yeatman

The YeatmanOur Room

Each room in The Yeatman is themed to a particular winery in Portugal. We were in the Raposeira Room. Raposeira is a sparkling wine producer in Lamego, Portugal. There was a bottle of their sparkling wine on the shelves opposite our king-size bed. Adjacent to the bed there is a louvered door that forms a window opening into the bathroom. The large bathroom has a small private room with a toilet. A separate walk-in shower is at one end of the bathroom while a large bathtub is under the window to the bedroom. Bathroom amenities are by Caudalíe.

A flat screen television is in the case opposite the bed. Flanking the case is a set of drawers to the left and a desk to the right. Perhaps the main focus of the room is the outdoor patio and view of the Douro River and Porto (pictured below). The patio is the largest that we have had at any hotel world-wide. The patio has a table and chairs. Walking up to the railing we were able to see most of the port lodges we planned to visit in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The YeatmanBreakfast came with our room. Brightly lit by natural light, the breakfast room had a large selection of items. After being seated, a waiter offers you a choice of coffee or tea. Then everything else was self-service. There was a variety of cheeses, meats, smoked fish, breads, rolls and pastries. One of the pastries was the “Pastel de Nata” or Portuguese custard tart. Scrambled eggs and fried eggs were available as well as sausage and bacon.

Wine Tourism

If you plan on visiting the plethora of port lodges across the river from Porto, consider staying at The Yeatman. You are within walking distance of many of the lodges. The hotel is also within easy reach of Porto. You can take a water taxi, a ten-minute walk from the hotel, across the Douro River. You can also walk across the Douro using the closest bridge. The walk across the bridge will take closer to a half hour. From The Yeatman as your base, you can explore wineries in Vinho Verde and the Douro.

The Yeatman Hotel offers an elegant lodging experience. Wine lovers can certainly be pampered with the wine experiences at the hotel. Those who enjoy wine tourism can walk to many of the area’s port lodges.

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The Yeatmam
Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Article written April 2018.


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