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Pousada Viseu
Terry Sullivan

In central Portugal, Pousada Viseu is located in the city of Viseu. The hotel is an historic site, formally the Hospital de São Teotónio. Construction was begun on the hospital in 1793 by the Bishop of Viseu D. Moreira Pereira de Azevedo. In 1799, Queen D. Maria required the district of Viseu to contribute to the construction of the hospital. The construction lasted almost five decades and the hospital was inaugurated in 1842.

Pousada Viseu The building is in the neoclassical design. It has a square design with a palatial cloister in the center. The total building has 26 arches, 48 windows and four floors. At the roof to the entrance to the hospital there are three statues, representing Hope, Charity and Truth. The front of the hospital and statues overlook the Viseu city center. The hospital was closed in 1997 after providing medical help for a century and a half.

Pousada acquired the hospital and completely renovated it. The former hospital was opened as a hotel in 2009.

Perhaps the most striking area is the center atrium surrounded by arches. The floor is a sea of gray stone. Islands of red carpets contrast to the gray of the floor. On each of several carpeted areas there is a living room setting with couches, chairs and a center coffee table. Other red islands are set up with dinner tables and chairs. Even a baby grand piano sits on its own red carpeted island. The entire atrium is inviting.

Our Room

Arriving a few hours later than we anticipated, we were eager to reach our room and rest. We discovered that our room was one of the few rooms in any hotel that when you open the door you do not see the room. Instead you see a wood paneled hallway. From the door you can turn to the left or right and follow the hallway. I went left while Kathy chose to go right. At the end of the hall you turn and then you see the room noticing the very high ceiling. I passed the closet area before entering the room while Kathy passed the bathroom. Our room was spacious, even more so with the high ceiling.

Pousada Viseu We had a king-size bed, sitting area and desk. There was a side table next to both sides of the bed. We appreciated the heat in the room as we had entered the hotel on a cool, rainy night. The bathroom had a full range of amenities. Our room included free Wifi. The Internet connection worked well.

Our room included breakfast. There was an array of foods including breads, cheeses, meats and a variety of pastries including custard tarts


Wine Tourism

We spent the night at the Pousada de Viseu after a day of visiting Herdade do Muchão in Casa Branca and Quinta dos Termos in Belmonte. We had traveled quite a bit that day. There are a number of wineries close to Viseu south and southeast of the city. Pousada Viseu is an ideal base for exploring the wineries in this region and beyond. On the next day we headed the short distance to Quinta de Lemos and then onto Casa de Darei.

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Pousada Viseu
Rua do Hospital,
3500-161, Viseu, Portugal


Article written April 2018.


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