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Convento do Espinheiro
Terry Sullivan

Convent of EspinheiroSummary: This hotel, a convent at one time, is now an upscale hotel about 6km (3.7miles) from Evora. We stayed at this very comfortable hotel for one evening while visiting wineries and a cork factory in the Alentejo region of Portugal.


Although the Convento Espinheiro is now used as a luxury hotel, there are many remnants of its use as a convent. The use of the word convent had a different meaning prior to the 19th century. In 1400s, the word convent referred to what we now call a friary or monastery. Legend tells of the appearance of the Virgin Mary above a thorn bush (espinheiro) around 1400. A decade later, an oratory was built in honor of Mary. In 1458 the church and convent were constructed .

Convent of EspinheiroThe Convento Espinheiro housed the religious order of friars belonging to the Order of St. Jerome. Through the centuries many dignitaries visited the convent including kings, counts, queens and ladies. The convent ceased to be a convent with the extinction of religious orders in Portugal in 1834. The convent was vacated and the building and land passed on to the Portuguese state.

The convent was sold to different individuals and went through a period of decay until acquired by Manuel Gabriel Lopes, who restored much of it. More recently the convent was restored under new ownership and transformed into a hotel.

During our short one-night stay, we observed many artifacts including the restored chapel that reflected a bygone era. Mass is held in the Chapel of Garcia de Resende on the first Sunday of the month. During our March stay, a statue of Jesus in a purple robe carrying a cross was on display, reflecting the Lenten season. Gold highlighted the altar in the sanctuary. The chapel also had Portuguese tile adorning the walls. Throughout the hotel there were religious paintings. In one sitting area there was a pulpit attached to a wall with an entrance from another floor.

Not only does the hotel honor its religious past, it also had artifacts from the Roman winemaking era. Throughout the building and grounds there were talhas on display. These earthen vessels were used by the Romans to make wine.

Convent of EspinheiroOur Room

We arrived late at the hotel and needed a restful space. Our room provided what we needed. The high ceilings had different layers of molding giving it a luxurious effect. Our king-size bed was comfortable. Our deluxe garden view room had two chairs and a small round end table between the chairs. A LCD television was on the desk on the opposite wall of the bed. The room was 32 square meters (344 square feet) in size. The room included Wifi that worked well.

Breakfast was included during our stay. An omelet stand was in front of two talhas. We both ordered omelets to our likings. There was an assortment of breads and rolls as well as fruit. Yogurt, different cheeses, sliced meats and salmon were available. On the sweet side, there were plenty of pastries including custards.

Wine Tourism

The Hotel Convento Espinheiro provides a convenient base for exploring the wineries in the Alentejo region. Just minutes away from the hotel is the city of Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We enjoyed our stay at Convento do Espinheiro, and wish we had a longer stay to explore the region.

Convent of Espinheiro   Convent of Espinheiro   Convent of Espinheiro

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Convento do Espinheiro
7002-502 Evora, Portugal

Article written April 2018.

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