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Hotel Pago de Tharsys
Terry Sullivan

Pago de Tharsys HotelSummary: The Hotel Pago de Tharsys is located on the Pago de Tharsys winery and vineyard property. It is nestled alongside vineyards, trees, shrubs and a pond. The winery has several buildings; however, the hotel with four rooms and a studio apartment is in a quiet location.

Pago de Tharsys HotelRooms

We checked in after a four-hour drive from Villafranca de Penedés. Our room was clean and comfortable. Two twin beds were pushed together to make a queen-size bed. We had a room with a pond view. Drawings of grapes adorn the walls. The room was equipped with wireless Internet and cable television. The Internet worked well. The space provided enough room to easily walk around. The ceiling was lofted with dark wood joists and a honey-colored pine ceiling. Since the angled ceiling was quite high at one end, the room felt large.

The bathroom was a good size with the usual amenities of soap, hair and body gel, body lotion, soap, shower cap and a sewing kit. These amenities were by Damana.

Pago de Tharsys HotelCommunity Room

Outside the four rooms a pathway leads downward to a community room under the lodge. The community room is equipped with tables and chairs as well as seating areas. There is a pool table set up and a bar. The bar has wine, cava, tea and snacks. We took advantage of this room early one morning and it was quite comfortable. One wall has a collection of books sharing the shelf space with artifacts including three vintage radios and old house items. Of special interest is an antique bird cage. An assortment of table games includes decks of cards, dominos, Trivial Pursuit and several others.

Pago de Tharsys HotelViews from this very spacious area vary dramatically even though both views are mostly green. To one side of the community room, the views are the path that leads to this room beautifully landscaped. Most of the green plants and ground cover are over rocks. Of interest is a rock wall with a honey colored door. This outside area is quite peaceful. On the other side of the community room, one can view a part of the twelve hectares of vineyards, a gentle reminder that you are in wine country.


Breakfast included a number of items. There was coffee, tea and orange juice. There is an assortment of cold cereals and milk. Two pieces of toast were served, and on the table there was a plate of sliced cheese and a plate of assorted sausages. A bowl of fruit was available on a cabinet.

Hotel Pago de Tharsys is a great base for wine enthusiasts who wish to explore the wine region around Requena. The rooms are equivalent to hotel rooms but with ambiance, and the setting is peaceful. Spend some time ambling next to the vineyard and enjoy this relaxing venue.

Hotel Pago de Tharsys
Apdo. Correos 32
46340 Requena
(Valencia), Spain


Article written July 2015


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