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Hotel Takler Kúria
Terry Sullivan

Hotel Takler KúriaSummary: Hotel Takler Kúria offers a very comfortable hotel to spend a night or several nights as you explore the nearby wineries. The hotel sits over the cellar of Talker Borbirtok (Wine Estate). The hotel offers many amenities including a tour of the cellars.

Wine is an integral part of the hotel. The hotel sits over a large wine cellar. As you approach the hotel, you will notice designer-looking outdoor air vents for the cellar. The vents dotting the grassy areas were designed by András Takler. These vents allow air circulation in the cellar. The wine production areas are behind the hotel.

Hotel Takler KúriaWhen entering the hotel, look to the right for the registration desk. The area that you are in is a multipurpose room. This area, with tables and chairs, is used for conferences, breakfasts and meetings. It is also used as a lounge. Beyond this area, a wide corridor leads to the elegant restaurant. Between the multipurpose area and restaurant there is an outdoor area that is used for dining and events during warmer weather.

Hotel Takler KúriaOur Room

Our room had two twin beds placed side-by-side. There was a narrow table under the television set. On the table was a hot water maker with tea and coffee available to brew. The table was too thin to have a chair under it, so we used the table to collect an assortment of objects. The bathroom was clean. Rather than individual amenities, there were soap dispensers next to the sink and in the shower. The room had European-style electrical outlets. You will need adapters and perhaps a convertor to meet your electrical needs. The internet worked well.

The wellness center had a pool, lounge area and offered a variety of spa treatments. They offer over ten different types of massages, two sunken jacuzzis, saunas, a salt room and a bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Hotel Takler KúriaBreakfast was buffet style, with an assortment of cold meats, cheeses and vegetables. There were also hot items such as scrambled eggs, plenty of different breads and rolls as well as different coffees and teas.

During our stay, we had a tour of the wine cellar. One area of the cellar is called the Sanctuary. We had a wine tasting in this beautiful room. After the cellar tour we had a multi-course dinner in the restaurant.

Hotel Tour

Hotel Takler KúriaAfter breakfast, we were treated to a tour of the hotel by Gábor Lukács. He talked about the planned additions to the hotel. There are rooms in two buildings on the grounds. In the main building, new rooms were under construction. Just the finishing touches were needed. Also planned is an outdoor pool. Near where the outdoor pool is planned, there is a stunning view of the countryside. Gábor also gave us a tour of the owner’s vintage residence. One of the rooms has a collection of farm artifacts and earthenware.

Hotel Takler Kúria is a perfect base for exploring the wineries in the Szekszárd wine region. There are many wineries close to the hotel. It is best to make appointments at the wineries.

Hotel Takler Kúria
Decs, Takler Pince Panzió, Decsi Szőlőhegy, 7144, 7144 Hungary

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Article written April 2019


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