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Ciban Vineyard Cottage
Terry Sullivan


Ciban Vineyard CottageSummary: After traveling for twenty-four hours we were tired when we arrived at Ciban Winery and the Vineyard Cottage. Irena Ciban met us at the cottage and immediately the tiredness left us as we talked with her about the winery, vineyards and cottage. In a few minutes Irena’s husband Dragutin arrived. We had a marvelous evening of wine, food and friends; that magical combination that one remembers for a lifetime.

Ciban Vineyard CottageThe main room of the cottage is a large L-shaped room with several long tables and chairs. The wine tasting was at the end of one table, dinner and breakfast was at the other end. Since we were the only guests in the cottage for the evening, we had the entire house to ourselves. Take the time to observe the artwork on the walls. One corner shows water colors of varietal grapes and leaves. On another wall section there is a beautiful painting of a snowy scene with red roses flying through the air landing softly in the snow. Another wall has a painting showing the Ciban Vineyard Cottage with a ghostly scene appearing. Perhaps this painting represents the folklore associated with the cottage.

Ciban Vineyard CottageFolklore

The house dates from 1855 and has had different owners. The Cibans purchased the house and property in 2004. For decades the house was thought to be bewitched and enchanted. Local parents would scare their children with stories of a Black Count who would roam the countryside looking for lost and naughty children. According to another legend, Satan forged gold coins and organized orgies. There are those who believe they heard girls’ laughter and children crying coming from the cottage during the night. Nothing magical or exciting happened while we spent the evening. We just slept soundly. On the other hand, there were many kitchen witches on the first floor. These are reported to ward off evil and bring good luck.


The rooms are on the second floor. They are small and meant for sleeping and not staying in them for extended periods. Our room had a desk, and the bed with the head of the bed in the center of the room. The roof slanted toward the wall, so it made sense to put your feet toward the wall. We never bumped into the ceiling. The room was cozy and comfortable. If you need to spread out, as in writing, you can use the large L-shaped dining area on the first floor. The window in our room overlooked the vineyards.

Ciban Vineyard Cottage     Ciban Vineyard Cottage

Ciban Vineyard CottageI discovered in the middle of the night that the Internet connection worked very well. Breakfast the next morning was set up in the dining area. There was a colorful selection of sausages, cheeses, eggs, breads and rolls, cereals and fruit. Breakfast is not rushed. You can take your time and enjoy.

The peaceful country setting is an ideal escape for a tranquil evening and day. The Ciban Vineyard Cottage gives you a family, friendly cottage-like accommodation surrounded by vineyards.

Ciban winery article

Ciban Vineyard Cottage
Pavlovčani ulica 12C
10450, Pavlovčani, Croatia

GPS: N45º 41.790’ E15º 39.319’

Article written March 2013



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