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Manor Haus B&B at Messina Hoff, Fredericksburg
by Terry Sullivan

Messina Hof Manor Haus B&BSummary: A romantic getaway awaits wine travelers who wish to explore the Texas Hill Country wine region. Messina Hof Winery and Resort in Bryan, Texas brought their wines and charm to the Texas Hill Country. The owners, Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo continued with the family theme and planted a vineyard, refurbished a building turning it into a large tasting room facility and constructed four romantic cottages that make up the Manor Haus B&B.

The Messina Hof, Fredericksburg location, is on Rt. 290 about ten minutes east of the city. It is nestled in an area where there are numerous other wineries. Spending an evening, weekend or week on the property enables you to take in all the attractions this major tourism area has to offer. If you plan on visiting every winery, mostly between Johnson City and Fredericksburg, plan a week. If you only plan a weekend there are a dozen wineries within a few miles of the cabins at Messina Hof.

As you drive on Rt. 290, you will notice a bright covered turret about a mile before arriving at the tasting room. You can check into one of the cabins at the tasting room as well as taste many wines in the Messina Hof portfolio including some that are only available at the Fredericksburg location. About 100 yards behind the tasting room, nestled in a wooded area are four cabins that make up the Manor Haus B&B.

Paul's family is from Messina, Italy and Merrill's family is from Hof, Germany. The cabins express their ancestry with artworks and furnishings. Although roughly the same size and same layout, the cabins reflect different themes from Italy and Germany. One of the first things you will notice when arriving at the cabins is the quiet. Enter through the front door and you are in a spacious living room and hallway. The living room is furnished with a sofa, chairs and side tables. The hallway has a table for two and chairs set along a wall. Also on this side of the hallway is a kitchenette equipped with a sink, microwave oven, refrigerator and coffee maker.

Messina Hof Manor Haus B&B   Messina Hof Manor Haus B&B

Read and follow the directions for the coffeemaker. It grinds coffee beans for a fresh brewed coffee. On the round table there is a coffee cake in a glass domed cake keeper. It looks very scrumptious and you have to make a decision to have a piece now or wait until breakfast. However, there is enough for now and breakfast. Also for breakfast there are two cylinders of breakfast cereals on the kitchenette counter, Cheerios and Raisin Brand. Open the refrigerator and you will notice a bottle of sparkling wine, milk, orange juice, cream, bottled water and a jar of fruit cocktail. Wine glasses are on the countertop. Inside a drawer, there are utensils, cups and plates. Under the sink there are dishwashing supplies.

Adjacent to the kitchenette there is a good-size bathroom with shower. Amenities by Gilchrist & Soanes include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand cream and a dental rinse. At the end of the hallway, a door leads to the master bedroom.

Messina Hof Manor Haus B&BThe master bedroom is the largest room in the cabin. In the rooms we stayed in, a king-size bed is at the center and there is plenty of room on each side of the bed. The bed is one of the most comfortable beds that you will sleep on. A closet, chair, and satellite television are also in the room. A sliding glass door leads to an outside patio area. There is another patio area at the front of the cabin.

Many people associate wine and romance. You can extend that romantic theme when you stay at one of the cabins at Messina Hof Winery’s Manor Haus B&B in Fredericksburg, Texas.


Messina Hof Manor Haus B&B
9996 US Hwy 290 East
Fredericksburg, Texas  78624
GPS: N30º 13 439’ W98º 43.939’

Article written, August 2014

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